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Monster Girl Quest Save Data 77

At the site you can change the quantity of existing items immediately upon the loading the save (and keep in mind the 2:30 min delay between save loads for non-patron users) however to add new items you will have to first click the "Show items data raw" button at the bottom.

monster girl quest save data 77

Download Zip:

We recommend doing a manual save before attempting this, just in case you mess up. There's a chance you'll lock yourself out of the chip with only partial information. However, if you start seeing the data go wrong, you can back out of the menu with no consequence and try again.

There are two ways to save Nix. You can choose to override the power box by the door, losing the data on the cyberdeck or breach the computer on the stand next to Nix, which will preserve the data. Whichever option you choose, you will save Nix.

P.S: This solution seems to work on other gigs as well. Always make sure that the gig you just done is under Completed list in Journal. If not, reload save and do other quests/gig, and come back later.

WARNING: Be careful when you are in quest #107 Alice Support Center. Do not pick the EASY option unless you really want to set easy mode. It will disable quest #115 and world transfer at least. This easy mode is permanent to that save file once set, and can only be gotten rid of by a save file reset from the game main menu before loading a save.

Quest #186 Erotic Hermit: Rizna must be the last girl. Different girls can be used for this quest, but it is better to use characters that like Rance a lot, like Suzume or Kenshin. Order of girls matters, Rizna must be the last one. Also Rance's skill sex mastery helps.

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hello guys when Ai-chan sing the game stop working can someone give me a save file after the player wake up from the dream pls and thx you can find the save files in C:\Users\YOUR PC NAME\AppData\LocalLow\by redamzand you might need to press view show hidden items so you can see app data 076b4e4f54


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