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Buy Park Bench

Established in 1986, the Adopt-A-Bench program provides funding to maintain and endow the care of Central Park's more than 10,000 benches and their surrounding landscapes. To date, more than 7,000 benches have been adopted.

buy park bench

Established in 1986, the Adopt-A-Bench program provides funding to maintain and endow the care of Central Park's more than 10,000 benches and their surrounding landscapes. To date, more than 7,000 benches have been adopted.

A bench is a wonderful way to memorialize or honor a loved one, or share as a meaningful gift for a birthday, anniversary, new baby, or graduation. In recognition of contributions to the fund, the Conservancy will install a personalized plaque on a Park bench of the donor's choosing. Benches may be endowed for $10,000.

I see a bench without a plaque in the Park. According to the map, there are no benches available in this area. Is this bench available? Unfortunately, not all benches without plaques are available for endowment. Some are still waiting for their plaques to be installed. In general, it is best to refer to the map for the most up-to-date information on bench availability.The Central Park Conservancy introduced a new procedure that asks donors to submit their plaque inscription within one year of endowing a bench, but many benches were endowed before this procedure was introduced.I have found the bench I would like to endow, and it appears to be available on the bench map. What is the next step? After you have found the bench and checked its availability on the bench map, please make your donation to confirm the bench location. You may make your donation by credit card, check, wire transfer, or stock. Please be sure to include your Adopt-A-Bench form with your donation. To submit your form and intent to donate, please email [email protected].I am part of a group that would like to endow a bench. How do we proceed? Please choose a coordinator to represent your group when communicating preferences such as bench location and plaque draft approvals.You may collaborate with friends or family to endow a bench using BenchMark. With the use of this group fundraising tool, you and your loved ones can raise a donation for your shared 843-acre backyard. Please email [email protected] to set up a fundraising team.I would like to have the bench I endowed repainted. With help of Central Park Conservancy volunteers, our Operations team continues to repaint approximately 10,000 benches in the Park. We can work on repainting benches when sustained temperatures are above 50 degrees and the weather remains relatively dry.Please email [email protected] with your request, and we would be happy to follow up regarding the next scheduled painting where your endowed bench is located.I have already endowed a bench and would like to add my plaque. Please email [email protected] with your request. We will take you through the steps to add your plaque on your endowed bench, including sharing a draft from the engraver for your review and approval. Once the draft is approved, it takes approximately seven to nine weeks for the plaque to be produced, delivered, and installed.

With your donation, Park District staff can construct and install an attractive bench with a commemorative plaque. Benches are made out of a recycled materials and installed on a concrete or aggregate pad as appropriate to the specific location. The plaque is bronze, and the size is about three inches by eight inches.

You have the option of donating a new bench or refurbishing an available bench for either a 10- or 20-year term. See all available tribute bench locations. You can also work with Three Rivers staff to find the best available location for you. Some parks and trails have limited bench options.

Looking for a way to honor a loved one or celebrate a special occasion? Make a contribution to NYC Parks in the name of someone special! You can give towards a park project, a bench adoption, or a tree planting. To make a general donation to NYC Parks, please visit our Make a Donation page.

Plant a new tree in a park or on a street in honor of a loved one. Our Forestry Division will help you select a location and tree species. You can also make a donation to have a Tree Guard with an engraved plaque installed around a street tree bed. Your donation supports tree guards, tree planting, and sidewalk repair. Call (718) 361-8101 or email to learn more.

Purchasing a commemorative bench is a wonderful way to honor a loved one or celebrate a special occasion, such as wedding, graduation, retirement, birthday. Your bench also adds comfort and enhances the Olmsted experience for all park users.

Commercial park benches are pretty much a given in a national park or any type of community park. They give visitors to the park a comfortable place to rest, especially for children, pregnant women, and elderly people who wish to take a break.

But not all park benches are created equal. National Outdoor Furniture offers high quality park benches that are durable, attractive and a comfortable place to rest. They fit in well with the beauty and ambiance of parks and other outdoor spaces, and are also spacious enough to accommodate more than two people.

If you wish to sponsor a bench for a public place or need one for your own park project, we offer the best commercial benches in the market. Here are the following factors that you should consider when choosing commercial park benches to be installed in your park or other outdoor area:

Park benches should be attractive and welcoming, with a style and color scheme that go well with the surrounding area. Some models of park benches have the traditional design with cast aluminum sides and wooden seat slats, while others are made from coated metal in a more modern design that would fit right in outside a modern art museum. Still others are backless benches.

There are many styles of park bench to choose from, and in many cases, the design is influenced by the materials used to create these benches. We offer a full line of park benches for public use, made to last and manufactured from the following high quality materials:

The classic wooden park bench is what most people think of when they think of park bench designs. Wood park benches are comfortable, with a design that fits perfectly into any type of outdoor area. It also matches the natural good looks and ambience of parks that are filled with trees and plants.

Public park benches made from recycled plastic are another extremely durable park bench option. They are just as resistant as thermoplastic benches when it comes to handling any environmental or weather condition, since they are made of heavy duty plastic material. Recycled plastic commercial park benches are also known to be lighter than some of the other bench materials, so they are good for when you need a portable bench. Surface mounting kits are available.

These benches are available in various colors, along with a wide variety of designs and color themes. And as they are made from recycled plastic, these benches are also an eco-friendly solution that goes well as an addition to parks and other natural spaces.

Our park benches are designed to be low maintenance. However, it is best to clean them properly from time to time -- a dirty-looking bench is not an inviting sight to visitors, and it can even seem like a sign of overall neglect. Here are some of the ways you can care for park benches made from various materials:

If you're installing new commercial park benches, you may be wondering how to make sure they will work well in your outdoor spaces. Below, we answer some frequently asked questions to help you decide on the bench that's right for you.

While painting is possible on some benches, it is generally not recommended. Most wood benches would be most amenable to being painted; however, the look of the wood would be changed significantly. Painting is also possible on metal, plastic or steel benches, but keep in mind that maintenance could be difficult and the new paint may interfere with the bench's original corrosion protection. Instead, try to choose outdoor benches in a color that you like and avoid painting them.

You can order a bench to be shipped fully assembled if necessary; however, in most cases, it is not recommended. Our outdoor park benches are easy to assemble, and we believe anyone can do this when the bench arrives. Our benches are shipped unassembled for the most efficient and cost-effective shipping. If you prefer a bench to be shipped assembled please contact us to find out if this is an option.

Weather conditions could affect your commercial benches, but we do have options to help alleviate this problem. All steel and metal benches are coated with a thermoplastic that protects them guaranteed for 5 years. For those who prefer wood benches, pressure-treated pine withstands high and low temperatures well and also will not split due to sun exposure. Recycled plastic benches are designed to stand up to just about anything, from weather to time, without wearing out.

If you are ordering any of our metal benches, you don't have to worry about applying anything to protect the bench itself. That's because we've already coated these heavy-duty park benches with a thermoplastic that is designed to protect against corrosion and rust for a guaranteed 5 years. With other benches, such as wood, you can apply a coating over the top to protect the bench itself. A seal protectant once a year could be a good option for this. If you choose to paint the bench you may want to apply a coating over the top to delay peeling and chipping. Keep in mind that this will only delay the peeling and does not prevent it entirely.

National Outdoor Furniture offers many options for custom benches for your outdoor spaces. Whether you're looking for backless benches or memorial benches with unique specifications, we offer a wide variety of sizes and styles in different materials. But if you still can't find something that fits your needs, please contact us to find out more about what we can do for you. 041b061a72


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