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Buy Xfinity Router \/\/TOP\\\\

Internet: Xfinity xFi is available to Xfinity Internet service customers with a compatible Xfinity Gateway. Not available to Xfinity Prepaid only customers. xFi Advanced Security is available to Xfinity Internet customers with a compatible Xfinity xFi Gateway. Must activate Advanced Security through Xfinity app. Gig-speed over WiFi requires Gigabit Internet and compatible xFi Gateway. Gig-speed WiFi is shareable across all the devices in your home. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. Many factors affect speed, including equipment performance, interference, congestion, and speeds of visited websites. WiFi speeds affected by additional factors, including distance from Gateway, home configuration, personal device capabilities, and others. For factors affecting speed visit

buy xfinity router


Flex: Not available to current Xfinity Video customers. Requires post-paid subscription to Xfinity Internet, excluding Internet Essentials. Limited to 3 devices. 1 device included, additional devices $5/mo. per device. All devices must be returned when service ends.Peacock Premium: Eligible X1 TV box or Flex 4K streaming box required. Service not available without Xfinity Internet or subscription to Digital Starter TV, or equivalent, or above. Peacock Premium is $4.99/month. Peacock. 2022 Peacock TV LLC. Peacock and related marks are trademarks of Peacock LLC. Individual programs, devices and marks are the property of their respective owners.Streaming apps on X1 and Flex: Access to Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube HBO Max, and Paramount+ on Xfinity requires an eligible set-top box with Xfinity TV and Internet service. Disney+, Netflix streaming, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, and Paramount+ subscriptions required. Viewing uses your Internet service and will count against any Xfinity data plan. Streaming content limited to the U.S. Separate charges apply to On Demand and certain streaming services.Xfinity Mobile: Requires residential post-pay Xfinity Internet. Line limitations may apply. Equip., intl. and roaming charges, taxes and fees, including reg. recovery fees, and other charges extra, and subj. to change. $25/line/mo. charge applies if Xfinity TV, Internet or Voice post-pay services not maintained. Pricing subject to change. In times of congestion, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic. After 20 GB monthly data use, speeds reduced to a maximum of 1.5Mbps download/750 Kbps upload. A minimum $15.00 charge applies per month, per account for By the Gig lines, regardless of data usage. Charges apply to each GB or partial GB of shared data. No rollover data. For Xfinity Mobile Broadband Disclosures visit:

To find the best Xfinity modem and the best Xfinity router, we considered the maximum speeds they provide, DOCSIS technology, price, and customer reviews. The following Xfinity approved routers and modems will work with any Comcast plan:

If you already have a modem but simply need a Wi-Fi router, Google offers an effective and convenient solution. The Google Mesh Wi-Fi system allows you to create a mesh network throughout your entire home to connect all of your devices.

One device can cover 1,500 square feet, but you can expand to up to 4,500 square feet with three device points located throughout your home. Settings can be easily customized by using the Google Wi-Fi app on your smartphone. This router has an average Amazon user rating of 4.6 out of 5, making it a worthy candidate for your home.

On the other hand, if you already have a router and just need a modem, this affordable model will suit most users. With a download speed rated by Xfinity up to 945 Mbps, you get plenty of speed for the price. Amazon users give it 4.5 stars out of 5, with especially high marks for its easy installation and value for money.

We researched the prices, speeds, and features of dozens of Xfinity-compatible routers. After digging through the details, we found the TP-Link Archer A8 to be our budget-friendly pick, but the price is still right for several other feature-packed routers from NETGEAR and TP-Link.

You can save a bunch of money if you buy your own Xfinity router. But there are a few things you should know before you put down some money. (And you can read more about each feature in our guide to choosing a router.)

The upgraded Archer A8 comes with 3x3 MU-MIMO technology, so it can send and receive data to and from multiple devices on three different Wi-Fi streams . That makes it an extremely efficient router if your home is jam-packed with connected devices and internet users.

The C7000 comes with 24x8 channel bonding, which tells you what internet speeds it supports. (In this case, the C7000 supports speeds up to 960 Mbps.) Combined with its dual-band and beamforming technology, this modem-router combo is a great pick for Xfinity internet plans with speeds up to 400 Mbps.

And for the rest of us, the Archer A20 still comes with great perks like QoS, beamforming, and MU-MIMO technology. Plus, you can build your own VPN (using OpenVPN software) to securely connect your home networks, and the router is Alexa-enabled, so you can verbally tell it to turn off guest networks when your visitors leave.

In our testing, we found the Xfinity xFi Gateway + Pods to be our favorite mesh router option. It is specifically designed to work with Comcast Xfinity service and offers fast Wi-Fi 6 speeds up to 2,500 Mbps.

The latest router from Xfinity is the Wireless Gateway 3, which provides speeds of over 700 Mbps. The Gateway 3 sports dual-band WiFi for a more reliable connection, as well as ethernet ports for up to four devices.

Why do we recommend it? The AX20 is a good router for the money, especially for homes with very few devices. The built-in VPN and client components are a plus, and the free parental controls help keep your kids safe online.

The typical router provides one 2.4 GHz connection and one 5 GHz connection, each with a 22 stream configuration at the very least. Every device you add to the 5 GHz connection increases the load on the radio used to transmit and receive on that band.

A third band adds more Wi-Fi bandwidth, reducing the congestion and load caused on dual-band routers. By default, some routers have one 5 GHz band configured for lower channels (20 Mhz, 40 MHz) and a second 5 GHz band with higher channels (80 MHz, 160 MHz).

We test router speed by setting up each router in an office and connecting it to a local test server. Then, we transmit test data between our wireless devices and the server, taking numerous measurements to account for fluctuations in Wi-Fi speeds.

The routers listed above supporting a 940Mbps internet connection should work with any Xfinity gateway with an open Gigabit Ethernet port (LAN). We suggest disabling Wi-Fi in the gateway unless you want two separate Wi-Fi networks running in your home.

Rebecca Lee Armstrong has more than six years of experience writing about tech and the internet, with a specialty in hands-on testing. She started writing tech product and service reviews while finishing her BFA in creative writing at the University of Evansville and has found her niche writing about home networking, routers, and internet access at Her work has also been featured on Top Ten Reviews, MacSources, Windows Central, Android Central, Best Company, TechnoFAQ, and iMore.

The modem compatibility list for my service shows devices that are modem only, modem with telephone, modem and wifi router, modem and wifi router with telephone. I would like to buy a modem only device and not be told after the fact that I can't activate because I HAVE TO HAVE modem AND telephone device.

I tested 15 popular models with different Xfinity internet plans for over 4 weeks. Having switched to a suitable service plan with each device, I inspected them for several aspects, including practical speed, coverage, connectivity, security, and more. And I ended up qualifying top 7 WiFi routers that work with Xfinity.

Archer AX90 with 1.5GHz Quad-Core CPU supports tri-band Wi-Fi 6 up to 160MHz on its 5GHz bandwidth to deliver maximum speeds up to 4804 Mbps. In simple words, it is compatible with all service plans, so I chose it as the best router for the Xfinity gigabit plan.

With 8 external beamforming antennas, covering an area of up to 2,500 Sq Ft, and working on 10 devices at a time on this Xfinity-compatible WiFi router felt like a breeze. My family went on playing games on Xbox and PlayStation, streaming 4K videos, video conferencing, and browsing the web without any issues.

Overall, Archer AX90 is a highly recommended router for Xfinity with its stability and performance. WiFi 6 with tri-band support is helpful, especially if you have more devices to connect. Also, its network security is much more efficient and no-nonsense with the robust Homeshield Pro.

ASUS RT-AX82U is one of the most reliable gaming wireless routers that include a couple of gamers-friendly features. Unlike other Xfinity-compatible routers, you get a dedicated mobile gaming mode, priority gaming port, AURA RGB light, and more to complement your gaming setup.

As mentioned in my RT-AX82U review, Security is a forte of this router as it includes a lifetime-free security suite called AiProtection to monitor any malicious or virus-ingrained websites.

Overall, Arris G34 is hands down the best modem router combo for Xfinity available in the market today. So, whatever your need for purchasing a router, you can have this versatile device to pair and get speeds fast enough to handle most of your bandwidth-hungry tasks.

  • 4. Best Netgear Router for Xfinity: Nighthawk RAX43 Sale Netgear Nighthawk RAX43 AX4200 Wireless Standard: Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)

  • Suitable Internet Plan: Xfinity Gigabit

  • 2.4GHz Speeds: 574 Mbps

  • 5GHz Speeds: 3603 Mbps

  • WiFi Range: Up to 2,500 Sq Ft

  • Number of Devices Supported: 25

  • Processor: 1.5GHz Triple-Core

  • RAM & NAND Memory: 512MB + 256MB

  • App Support: Yes

$235.00 Check on Amazon Nighthawk RAX43 is a nice all-around Netgear router that combines a cool spaceship look with nice features that fulfil the needs of most families out there. Besides, its suitability with most high-speed internet, thanks to its upgraded features over RAX40, makes it a solid wireless router for Comcast Xfinity. 041b061a72


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