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The Benefits of Using TOEFL IBT Complete Practice Test Volume 22.torrentl for TOEFL iBT Preparation

candidates can expect their toefl scores to be announced six days after the day of the examination. the results would be made available online for the convenience of the aspirant. printed reports are mailed 11 days after the test date. after that, candidates must allow at least 7 to 10 days time for the hard copy of the toefl score to reach them. this process cant be hurried as ets has no control over the delivery of the mail. the toefl scores will be valid for two years. for a better understanding of using the toefl score for studying abroad, it is always recommended to take an expert opinion.

TOEFL IBT Complete Practice Test Volume 22.torrentl

practice listening and speaking everyday. listen to speeches from tv and youtube etcetera, and master taking notes while listening.there would be some prof-student conversations on the actual test. make sure you practise all those. you can download a lot of listening resources from the internet. this section is not at all difficult and can be aced with a little amount of work. and speaking is something that you need to be really careful. it always bewilders the test takers about what is being looked for in this is not the accent, buddy. you can speak in a british or why,even in an indian accent! butnever try to fake your accent for the test. you are sure to mess up the speaking section if you attempt that. be quite natural.what you gotta do is toanswer the question to the point,and at the same time, have your pronunciation right. grammatical mistakes are also to be avoided since they are looked out for. practise for the speaking section everyday.remember, everyday.frame your own questions and work out. record your talk, and listen to it, and make way for corrections. the questions would be conversations,opinion-based questions,summarising a scientific topic etc. make sure you do them good.


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