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Webex [UPD]

Eurl is used to create spaces that users can search for and join.You can add to a group space in Webex.Then, @mention the bot in the group space in Webex with one of the following commands:


Student Accounts live on a different Webex instance named See the "Student Use of Webex" section below for more information on this as well as Account Creation Failed errors.

If a student attempt to sign in to their account to attend a meeting hosted by a user from, it will not work. Students will probably end up with an "Account Creation Failed" error.

A Student Worker can determine which instant they have by attempting to sign in to either site .i.e or If they are a member of the instance, they will sign in successfully. If they are not a member of that instance they will receive an "Account Creation Failed" error.

Personal room. Access through Schedule or start an impromptu meeting through this online space. Good for one-on-one meetings. Share your unique URL to participants: 041b061a72


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