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Creating Spaces for Inclusion

Juneteenth Celebrations across the Nation pay homage to the past and recognize the continued battle for equality and social justice! As we reflect on the past and meditate on the present landscape of issues affecting our community, We must also look for symbols of hope and inspiration to fuel our way forward. As a people we are woven into the fabric of America through our many contributions. Thanks to innovators like Victor Vines, our legacy continues.

Black architects and designers like Victor Vines of Vines Architecture have created a series of sparkling buildings in the public realm. These creators often face barriers to inclusion which can limit their ability to showcase their talents and grow their businesses. Despite these setbacks many firms like Vines Architecture are creating functional space, beautiful buildings and are actively engaged in mentoring the next generation.

This talented team recently completed Durham Main Library, the North Carolina A&T New Student Center in Greensboro, the Pine Valley Library in Wilmington, and the Henrietta Lacks Bioethics Research Building at Johns Hopkins University. This firm has received several awards for their innovative designs. To learn more about this firm visit


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